Scholarship for International Students: Australian University opens applications for 2024-25 session

  Monash University, a public, research-oriented higher institution of learning situated in Melbourne city, Australia, is offering scholarship opportunities to international students across the globe who are interested in studying in Australia.
 The programme, tagged Monash University Research Scholarships 2024-25, is not open to international students only but also to domestic students who are able to meet the eligibility criteria.
 According to Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings, Monash University, is ranked 44th globally, second in the world for Pharmacy & Pharmacology, and 26th in the world for Law. The university, which is also ranked second best university presently in Australia, makes more than 3000 research publications on a yearly basis.
 How beneficial is Monash Scholarships for International Students? 
 The would-be beneficiaries of the Monash University Research Scholarships will be entitled to some benefits which include the following:
 – Flight tickets –
 ⁠Relocation allowance
 ⁠Living allowance
 – ⁠Tuition fee
 Course Materials allowance
 – ⁠Overseas Student Health Case (OSHS). – ⁠Monthly stipend
 Available courses at Monash Scholarship for International Students
 Interested persons hoping to benefit from the scholarship opportunities can only go for any of the fields of study listed below:
 – Education
 – ⁠Sciences
 – ⁠Engineering
 – ⁠Arts, Design & Architecture
– ⁠Business
 – ⁠Humanities and Social Sciences
– ⁠Information Technology
– ⁠Law
– ⁠Medicine
 – ⁠Health Sciences
 – ⁠Nursing
 – ⁠Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
 Eligibility Criteria
 For all international students desiring to be beneficiaries of the scholarship opportunities in Australia, they must meet the following criteria to apply:
 – He/she must be a domestic or an international student in any part of the world.
 – He/she must have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a recognized university.
 – He/she must be able to communicate in English language.
 – He/she should be a holder of Australian humanitarian visa.
 Importantly, it is pertinent to note that the scholarship opportunities are offered on the basis of academic records, research work and experience of the applicants.
 Types of Scholarships for International Students at Monash University
The types of scholarships available at Monash University differ, and all prospective applicants should know that for each of the scholarship type, there are specific and unique requirements that must be met. On this note, will highlight and discuss each of the scholarships to enable the applicants make an informed decision.
 Scholarship types at Monash University are:
 1. Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship The Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship is offered to both domestic and international students by the government of Australia with a view to assisting them pursue Doctorate and Masters degrees in research-driven courses.
 Under RTP scholarship, domestic and International students are given stipend on a regular basis to support them financially as they undergo their studies. The stipend is regarded as living expenses and it is quite very helpful. When valued, domestic or international students undergoing Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship will get up to 35,013 US dollar in monetary value.
 2. Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS) Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS) is a kind of scholarship offered by Monash University to domestic and international students who are desirous of having doctorate and master’s degrees in research-oriented fields. When valued in monetary term, beneficiaries of the MGS scholarship will be entitled to $35,013 each.
 3. Maxwell King PhD Scholarship
 One person whose name is synonymous to Maxwell King Ph.D scholarship is Professor Maxwell King, who has contributed immensely and excellently to research work at Monash University. Maxwell King PhD Scholarship is in his honour, and in the real sense of it, the professor truly deserves it.
Professor Maxwell King was Monash Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Research Training) for eight years. One important significant thing about Maxwell King PhD Scholarship scheme is that it supports students undertaking a PhD programme with necessary living costs whilst studying at Monash University. When valued, Maxwell King PhD Scholarship’s monetary worth is 50,291 US dollar.
 4. Raydon Graduate Research Scholarships Raydon Graduate Research Scholarships exist purposely for the graduate research students to undergo their academic pursuit in different Humanities and Social Sciences courses. It comes with living costs benefit.
The Raydon Scholarships are offered to both domestic and international students. It complements both the Research Training Program Scholarship and Monash Graduate Scholarship schemes. The sponsor of the Raydon Graduate Research Scholarships is Narodowski Investment Trust, and it is valued at 22,600 US dollar in monetary term.
 In addition, under Raydon Graduate Research Scholarships, there are other categories of scholarship being offered on a yearly basis and they are Alex Raydon PhD Scholarship, Alex Raydon and Nina Narodowski PhD Scholarship (x 2), Max and Riva Radunski PhD Scholarship, Sam and Nina Narodowski PhD Scholarship, and Sonia Narodowski PhD Scholarship.
 5. Monash International Tuition Scholarship (MITS) Monash International Tuition Scholarships (MITS) is the last but not the least of the scholarship opportunities available to domestic and international students at Monash University. It exists purposely to assist to international students pursuing Doctorate and Masters degrees in research courses.
 Like other free full scholarships for domestic and international students, the beneficiaries of Monash International Tuition Scholarships do not have to bother about the course tuition fees as it is covered by the scholarship opportunity offered.

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 Listed and explained above are the types of scholarship opportunities available to domestic and international students, and it is advisable that all intending beneficiaries carefully study each one of them and settle for the ones that are appropriate for them.
 For anyone who may seek further information or enquiries about the scholarship opportunities for international students at Monash University, a visit to Monash’s official website will really help.


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